M!ro tableware

Bowls and plates which move and dance

Tableware M!ro is the result of my search for a design which is shaped by the material itself.  The most important for me is finding the right balance in the various deformations which happen during the firing process and which are an essential part of the design.

This brings me back to the basics: simple, straight lines for a rather unusual basic shape. From this starting point I developed my tableware collection ‘M!ro’; the result is a set of  bowls and plates which move and dance.

The simplicity of this design allows the production and reproduction of all items in a rather efficient way.  It’s this philosophy that guides my personal interpretation of design.

In between two oven firings I polish the outer surfaces of each piece and then apply just a thin layer of glaze to the interior and to the edges of the exterior.

The coffee cups, which I designed on purpose without a handle, can be quite literally embraced.  Doing so one feels the softness of this material.  In this way, I hope to transmit my love for this material to whoever uses my cups.

I thus use an industrial technique but in a completely handcrafted way and with great passion for the process. This is how my method differs from mass production!

All my pieces made in ‘bone china’ porcelain can be used in the oven and are dishwasher proof.