‘Bronze Prize’ during the Nantong International Contemporary Craft competition

Wing Form is a perfect example of mutual influence between human and material and how this interaction can lead to a creative result. In this case every bowl becomes unique by its wavy folds. Initially I wanted to create simple, hollow bowls, but the porcelain got ‘crumpled’ out of the cast. Although it was not the result I expected, it looked beautiful. And I made use of this unintentional transformation. I refined the technical process so I could make the bowls consciously and consistently. Recycled porcelain and real gold form the base of this artwork. Many ceramists discard their slip casting leftovers, but I deliberately use it to the last little bit. These bowls were made out of the recycled slip casting leftovers of my functional creations. The fragile and sometimes irregular lines of gold are a symbol of a life cycle. The bowls can be connected as a chain like the unpredicted moments in life. In 2014 this design received the ‘Bronze Prize’ during the Nantong International Contemporary Craft competition.