porcelain reflections in art, design and jewellery

LA BLÂCHE plates


Functional design

Designed out of own desire, where daily actions are the base for these creations. Handmade and designed out of love for life.

Artistic design

Artistic designs that search for warmth and kindness in the used materials; a human touch, personal identity or fingerprints… are essential for their existence. Every creation is unique and exclusive, a soul is born.


The Wanderers

Fysiek winklepunt te Berchem – Belgunique HUB @ TOKO139

Statiestraat 139 in Berchem

9 september t/m 30 december 2017
Open: Woe t/m Zat van 10u – 18u
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Windows of Opportunity – Design September Brussel

Kanselarijstraat 19 en de hoek van de Koloniënstraat

7 september t/m 1 oktober 2017
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A personalized creation arises by listening to your thoughts and wishes. Handmade, unique designs for special occasions in life.

Dries Van Noten


Atelier-K! VZW

I share my passion for ceramics with others through creative workshops and classes.

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Over Katja
My passion, my craft

my work is shaped by the interplay between
emotions, coincidence and intuition

all designed out of passion,
created by hand
and made with love
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